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Welcome to Albanian Institute!


Albanian Institute is a contemporary art and cultural organization based in New York. We support and promote the arts in all disciplines, provide a forum for cultural exchange and dialogue, and create educational opportunities in the US and beyond.

Based in New York – one of the world’s great cities where art, culture and innovation intersect – Albanian Institute is committed to an artistic programme ranging in all creative disciplines, underpinned by a rigorous, critical production of ideas that resonate with the audiences and concerns of our time.

We support contemporary artists to develop their practice through presentation, production and research and bring their work to as wide a public as possible, enabling greater enjoyment and understanding of contemporary visual culture.

Our mission is shaped by a belief in dialogue between contemporary art and ideas and seeks to engage audiences from a broad spectrum in celebrating the relevance of art to society today.

Everything we do, from our presentations, events, exhibitions, and partnerships around the world to the activities we run in education, cultural forums, and talks, supports our mission: to promote public understanding and enjoyment of Albanian, modern art and contemporary culture.



Creative collaborations and meaningful partnerships are at the heart of our work. We produce and present our work regularly in collaboration with individuals and institutions to achieve our goals and objectives. We have worked with some of the world’s biggest art institutions, organizations, museums, and corporations to run our programmes, including the NEW MUSEUM // NEW YORK FOUNDATIONS for the ARTS // ARTE INSTITUTE // MUSEUM of MOVING IMAGE // and some of Europe’s largest cultural institutions through our EUNIC network membership.

The Albanian Institute is member of the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) in New York. EUNIC is a dynamic network of over forty-six organizations from European Union, working together in partnership to promote European values and cultural achievements through projects and collaborations. Albania Institute is currently holding EUNIC’s rotating presidency, and has successfully overseen and developed its joint cultural projects. Our online platform partner is Artsy and through this unique platform, we are able to make our work accessible to more people around the world, and helps us reach broader audiences and increase access. 


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