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Cultural Diplomacy


The Institute plays a pivotal role in public diplomacy and intercultural relations by increasing familiarity, helping create positive perception between peoples and nations. Through art and culture we can make our presence felt on the world stage, as well as a way of helping others to understand and get to know us. Our approach is peer-to peer engagement as one of the most effective way to building cultural relation. Culture is an indispensible force for creating a global dialogue. It’s time to release ...more

The Role of Arts and Culture in International Relations and Diplomacy

EUNIC New York successfully held “The ...

On View April 8, 2015


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Exploring a Musical Landscape: The Video Art of Anri Sala

By Admin Posted 12/06/2013

  The videos of Albanian artist Anri Sala are meditations on the transitory, ephemeral and unsettling features of life. Music too ...