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Art & Culture

Our programs across creative disciplines provide opportunities to emerging and established artists to innovate, create, and share their unique visions. We champion all those who believe in the possibility of artistic adventure, those who seek a bold view of the world, those that inspire to create, to lead and to excel. 

Art matters. Great art teaches us how to love and live together. Art ignites a dream and gives us the courage to pursue it. It gives us hope and lifts our spirit. It inspires life and human potential; it triggers imagination, it provokes, engages, transforms and ultimately, unites us all.






 • Film            • Dance •            • Musica •            • Visual Arts •            • Performing Arts •           • Fashion & Design • 

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Exploring a Musical Landscape: The Video Art of Anri Sala

By Admin Posted 12/06/2013

  The videos of Albanian artist Anri Sala are meditations on the transitory, ephemeral and unsettling features of life. Music too ...


Photo of the Day: Socrates Sculpture Park - Astoria, New York

By Admin Posted 10/14/2013

It’s the weekend-long Open House New York, October 12 & 13, a five-borough celebration of art, design, awareness and appreciation of ...